Winter can be a difficult time for people with allergies. Winter allergies are similar to summer and spring allergies, but are typically caused by indoor allergens. Here are some steps to reduce the exposure of indoor triggers such as mold spores and dust mites.

Many people think that carpets and allergies are a bad combination.  Some allergists will encourage their patients to remove carpeting in favor of hardwood or tole floors.  Carpets can actually help to reduce the allergens in your home by trapping them, as long as they are properly cleaned on a regular schedule.

Everything from dust mites, mildew, mold, fungus and allergens are easily and effectively removed with proper carpet cleaning.  When choosing a company to clean your carpets, be sure to hire a professional who has all of the updated equipment that fits your particular needs.

It is important to ask the company that you hire what process they use that would inhibit the return of mold, dust mites, mildew and fungi.  Also be sure to ask what chemicals are being used in the cleaning process, in order to reduce your family’s exposure to other potential allergens.

In addition to cleaning your carpets, there are some other things you can do to reduce allergens in your home during the winter season.

  • Turn on your exhaust fan when cooking or showering to remove excess humidity and odors from the home.
  • Vacuum your carpets with a HEPA vacuum to decrease dust mites and pet allergen levels.
  • Install high efficiency furnace filters.  They can capture 30 times more allergens than standard filters. Also make sure that your furnace fan is always on.
  • Wash your bed linens and pajamas in hot water (above 130 degrees) to kill dust mites.
  • Spray your Christmas Tree with the garden hose before putting it up.  Remove dust from all of your stored holiday decorations.
  • Keep your indoor humidity level between 30 and 40 percent by using a humidifier or dehumidifier to prevent mold growth.  Remember to change humidifier water and filters according to manufacturer recommendations to avoid mold and bacteria contamination.
  • Survey your property indoors and outdoors to look for visible mold and identify areas that are at high risk for mold formation.

It is never too early to start preparing against winter allergies. Capital Carpet and Services is here to help you get your home of commercial property ready to fight winter allergies.  Remember we are just a phone call away.  Call us at 757-564-8000 to set an appointment.

We also specialize in area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and strip and wax. Our qualified staff can visit your residence or commercial property and recommend how to prepare for winter allergy season.