Carpet Services

Capital Carpet & Services is an expert in carpet cleaning, patching, and stretching as well as cleaning area rugs and upholstery. For over 12 years we have served our customers in the Hampton Roads region with outstanding service and customer support.

General Description of Cleanings

Basic Cleaning
This is a good quality cleaning for carpets that are generally in good shape
but need cleaning. We use our basic 8-step cleaning process to ensure carpets are clean and smell fresh.

Standard Cleaning
This process is like the basic cleaning with one notable difference: after pretreating the carpet, we use a counter-rotating brush machine that not only lifts the carpet fibers but also helps bring embedded soils to the surface. This results in exceptional cleaning when we then do the final truck-mount extraction. Another benefit is that we typically use less water while extracting so the drying time is reduced.

Deluxe Cleaning
This cleaning upgrades the standard cleaning with the addition of either a flea and tick treatment or a pet treatment.
Flea and tick treatments are typically needed after a move out and are required to be done in leases when tenants have pets.
The pet treatment is when you are aware of accidents that your pet has done that might have residual staining in the carpet. We use a product that breaks up the enzymes in urine or fecal residue resulting in a more effective extraction. (In severe cases where the pet damage has gotten into the pad itself, we offer more invasive measures to salvage the carpet.)